Friday, June 15, 2012


I have been mentally drafting a good post about life in Miami lately.  But this won't be that post!  I owe my readers, so it will be sooner rather than later.  I'm sorry about that.

However, I do have progress to post about!  I added more items to my Etsy shop.  I've also tried different ways to photograph my items.  (This is something that will require an amazing camera and an amazing amount of patience and practice...)  I had my first buyer, too!  (Yes- my mom DOES COUNT!!)  One of my items was also added to someone's treasury list.  It's exciting for me because I often look at the treasury lists people curate and I find new, inspiring artists that I add to my favorites.  Hopefully I will get more traffic that way.

Check out my new stuff:

On a sad note, there was a casualty today.  I was diligently adding items to Etsy and my darling Ruby got a hold of one of the felted brooches (she loves fuzzy things) and she did irreparable damage.  I had felted the material by hand- a process I don't think I will do again as I didn't enjoy it, and I embroidered flower beads in a bouquet.  I didn't get mad at my sweet Ruby, I just learned my lesson.  Here are images of my heart felt pin... may it rest in pieces.