Monday, March 26, 2012

Hungry Hunger Games

This is just a really brief update from my post this past weekend. I didn't end up getting things on Etsy because I got distracted by doing other stuff- like going to see The Hunger Games. J and I thought the movie was so-so. We agreed that we both liked Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson as Katniss and Peeta, respectively but that some of the other actors were okay. Haymitch, Rue, and Cinna were more characters we thought were acted well. All in all, I think the movie wasn't as dark as the books. I am one of the people who think these books are inappropriate for young children. I wouldn't censor a child from reading the books, but I don't think that children can understand the full impact of the messages. In the end, people who have not read the books will miss the finer points of the story. I was interested to see how they would explain the unique things like tracker jackers and mocking jays, but they could have done more with the sheer horror that was the muttations. If you read the books, you will understand these comments. This being said, it was pretty good and it was the first big blockbuster I've been to in a long time. (The theatre was full! Once, down here, J and I were the only people in a theatre for the latest Morgan Spurlock movie.) J and I had a much more in depth discussion regarding our feelings on the film's interpretation of the book, but this is just my quick blurb.

After we saw the movie, J really wanted Nacho Mama's Nachos from Lime. For $7 you get the largest serving of nachos with the works. As we don't eat meat, we have ordered it with black beans and sauteed onions in the past for added protein (I didn't like it), but the extra beans is so excessive that I cannot imagine loading ground beef, chicken, or steak onto them. I didn't eat much of the nachos, but I ordered sopapillas for the first time, and they were simply amazing. They were also really cheap. For about three dollars you get enough little pastries for you and a friend. I could have eaten them all by myself though, they were really delicious. The only thing was, I felt bad for going up to a counter and ordering food after watching these kids battle to the death for basic supplies. If I was a tribute, I'd probably be the first to die in the Hunger Games because my survival skills are outdated (although I have some OLS lessons in the back of my head somewhere) and I couldn't outrun a turtle. And they don't have sopapillas out in the wild.

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