Monday, November 8, 2010

Autumn Update

It has been quite awhile since I posted. There have been times where I have thought, “Maybe I should write about that for my blog.” But then I realize that I don’t really feel like it, and I don’t. Looking back on those few instances, they weren’t really funny situations, so I’m glad I didn’t waste the time. Not much has happened in the last 20 days. I am still diligent about my job search. I still keep the apartment clean. I finally got a desk for the office, but I only organized half of it. I let my laundry pile up again (that old foe!). I haven’t been trying new recipes because, let’s face it, it can be time consuming and ingredients can get expensive and sometimes you don’t want to start cooking dinner at 4:30. I tried one of my grandmother’s recipes: Porkchops and Peas, but there was an incident with the gravy. I didn’t know it could turn black and molten hot and bubbly. J has helped with cooking too which is nice because he makes some good food and he can make rice, which I am not good at.

The weather has agreed with me lately. The temperature took a dip after some slight rain and it is a bit chilly. I am wearing layers! LAYERS! I love layers. The funny thing about our apartment is there is absolutely no insulation, so even when our windows are shut, it can still get quite cold at night. We broke out the down blankets and I couldn’t be happier. I love to feel “snuggly-warm” rather than “disgustingly-sweaty and hot”. I got to wear jeans on November 1st! I noted the date because I had been waiting for it. It was still a bit too warm, but I was excited to wear them. We went to dinner this week at a Spanish (as in SPAIN) restaurant and the weather was so beautiful- not a cloud in the sky, a slight breeze, I was wearing jeans and a long sleeved shirt and sneakers and it was the first time I felt comfortable here. Then we walked in the bustling restaurant and I realized that it will take some time getting used to only understanding tiny bits of what people say. I could understand, but that would require having to ask them to speak veeerrryyy slloowwwllyy and they don’t have time for that. (E- it was the restaurant you and I had went to, our waiter wasn’t there, but I got the sandwich and it was so yummy!)

Other than job searching, tedious cleaning, and running day to day errands with J, I’ve occupied my time with getting free samples online. My friend is very savvy with coupons, sales, various deals, and household items that can be used for multiple purposes. (Did you know that you can take wax paper and rub your metal shower curtain hanger so that the hooks slide over it with ease? I never knew… But it works like a charm.) Anyways, she has a website: with all sorts of ideas and deals. She had written a post about getting free stuff and at first I was like, “Eeeh.” But then I tried it and free samples started pouring in. It is exciting to me for two reasons: J and I have to be tight with our money, so if I can get us free samples of shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, or food I feel a mini victory. “I am still contributing in the most miniscule of ways!” Also, I just love getting stuff in the mail.

The same friend also alerted me to a month of free Netflix. I had resisted while in college thinking, “I don’t really have the time, it would be a distraction.” But after I graduated I gave it more and more thought. So I took the free month as an opportunity and started watching movies, documentaries, and television shows. I watched all three seasons of Arrested Development online and I found myself laughing out loud. I needed those chuckles some days. I’ve watched a couple of foreign films. I’ve watched documentaries on artist Andy Goldsworthy (I’ve seen it once before, but I am obsessed with him) and the font Helvetica (I’d bet you didn’t know that many people are vested in font or how political it is). I get the True Blood discs in the mail. I love it! Sometimes I get scared, but I am a scaredy-cat when it comes to anything popping out on the screen, including vampires. My only qualm with getting one disc at a time is that the discs cannot come fast enough when you are engaged in a gripping television show.

After I get a job, we will probably downgrade the cable. I might upgrade the Netflix subscription then. J and I have also been seriously considering adding to the family by… NO NOT THAT… by getting a puppy. We’ve both wanted one for over a year and I’ve been aching for one since I graduated. Right now, the only thing in our way is finances- puppies and their well-being are not cheap. We made the sad decision that a French Bulldog is out of the question for the next five years. Not only are the dogs themselves expensive, but they are susceptible to various health issues and to raise one in Miami would be negligent (they do not do well in heat). It was a tough decision, but we had to be realistic with the financial considerations. However, we don’t think we can hold off having a puppy for five years. So, we’ve been making meticulous charts about other breeds considering cost, grooming, breed personality, and –of course- cuteness. We are hoping to be puppy-parents soon after the New Year, but we will see. I need a job and we need to be sure that we can pay for food, rent, and pay down some of my loans before we commit to a puppy. I shouldn’t get my hopes up, but I always do.

In the meantime, I am going to keep scouring for those jobs and keep scouring the kitchen and bathroom counters. I’m sorry I don’t post that much, hopefully interesting and funny things will pick up for me once I land that job!

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