Monday, May 13, 2013

Garlands Galore!

Despite the craziness that is moving cross-country (while still working full-time), I've still been trying to make things.  I've been getting lessons from my Craft Night friend on how to use and maintain my sewing machine.  I made my own dust cover and I've started making garlands.  Garlands are very easy to make and they help me practice a basic stitch.  I don't have to worry about them being perfect and they are very fast. 

Pardon the terrible pictures, but that's what happens when you work on projects late at night and have cruddy lighting.

These are called yo-yos.  I did not make them.  My friend's sister made them out of vintage fabric before she passed away.  My friend generously gave them to me so that I could make things with them.  I think they are so cool and the fabric is really inspiring.

A picture of the whole garland.  It is very cute.  I can see why people like to make garlands for parties, showers, and kid's rooms.

This was the first garland I made.  It is just purple fabrics and felts cut into 2" x 2" squares.  It doesn't go with the colors in my apartment, but who cares, I'm moving.  Please pardon my dusty blinds.  I hate those blinds.  They are such a pain to clean.

Another garland that uses yo-yos, felt, and fabric.  This one has more of a mixed media feel.

The picture doesn't do it justice, but the color scheme is cute: purples and pinks.  I have mostly purple fabric on hand right now from my first garland, but I'm looking forward to making more with brighter colors.

Here is my dust cover!  My friend helped me sew it.  It is my first completed project that I didn't have to revert to stitching by hand.  And it helped me learn how to take the pieces of my machine apart so when I had a jam making the first garland above I was able to fix it myself at home.  

I'll blog about something more substantial later, but I'm proud of my little sewing projects, so I figured I'd share.  J will share a post about his unique perspective on Coral Gables through his long runs.  In the meantime, look at this crazy figure:

3600 views in the lifetime of this blog!  I started it in September 2010.  Who is looking at this website other than my friends and family?  I have no clue.  Feel free to leave a comment and say "hi" if you'd like.  I'm sure most of those clicks are people losing their way on the internet, but still, 3600 views!  Crazy.  Actually, most of those might be my mom. ;)

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