Sunday, May 5, 2013

Slow Down, Rocket

Boy oh boy.  Work was sure crazy since I got back from Texas.  This last week it finally felt manageable.  In the meantime, my inner organizational fairy has turned into a nasty sort of sprite and has decided that it is better to kick it into high gear for the move.  I'm freaking myself out with the amount of time I have left.  "Why, Becca," a rational person may begin, "don't you have almost two months left?" To which I reply, "NAY!"  When I calculated it, I took out work hours, and then completely cut out the days where I do Craft Night, Volunteer, or have other obligations or errands in the evenings (because, hey, you know I still LIVE here).  Which sometimes leaves me with two work nights a week, plus the weekends.  Now, that would be fine, minus the fact that I'll be on puppy-duty next weekend and not in the least bit able to pack, organize, or clean as hard-core as I have been going.

I should let up.  I've done something to my back.  I didn't tweak it.  It's just this general achey sort of all over pain.  Perhaps it is the pain one experiences from working out?  I wouldn't know.  It's a deep pain where even sitting on the couch up-right typing this hurts.  I was working hard yesterday sweeping, dusting, organizing, packing, unpacking, repacking, evaluating, pulling things to be sold on Craigslist or Etsy or Amazon, stacking, piling, re-cleaning because I inevitably made a mess... and that was all after a full morning of running errands with J to get supplies for a garland I want to make and beads for a top-secret project I've been gladly assigned to and grocery shopping.  Last night I was so wired (AND sick with food poisoning - I curse you forever Chipotle) that I couldn't go to sleep until 2:00 AM so I just stayed up working on my secret project.

This morning I woke up and could barely get out of bed.  Of course my inner-jerk insisted that 7:30 AM was the last I'd see sleep.  I immediately got pissed off at how dusty my room was so I hobbled around sweeping, spraying, and dusting.  I wasn't kidding when I said my nice inner fairy turned into something more sinister.  Back off, lady!  I'm in pain!  But she's not satisfied, no.  After a trip to the dog park (to wear them out so we could get even more stuff done!) I set on listing more books on Amazon and revamping my Etsy page.  I've learned the hard way: take photos with natural light.  Your products look so much better.  That took me a few hours.  Feel free to check out my new stuff:

I added some of my story on my new About page:

Do you like the picture of Lily on my About page?  I haven't shared it on my blog yet.  Here is a better version of that picture.  She sometimes doesn't realize her tongue is sticking out.  It is so funny.  Silly Lily.  It is a very accurate portrayal of her personality.  She is so bubbly and loving.  Everything is automatically the best thing ever.

She reminds me of Einstein.

Here is another one of my favorite pictures of her.  I was working diligently on my computer a couple of months ago and she was not satisfied unless she was on my lap.  I really love the Photobooth option on my laptop because I can get a lot of candid pictures of the animals when I am cuddling with them.  This picture was an example of perfect timing. 
I am giving her a hug and hiding my face at the same time because I didn't look so hot.  God, she is the cutest.
Lily doesn't usually sit still long enough for cuddles, but today is an exception.  Sundays are dog park days (though we -and they- miss our friends that we used to meet up with regularly) and it wears them out.  It makes for a slightly calmer household.  Whenever I sit down, Ruby is right by my side.  It's like she and I have magnets in our bodies or something.  We're copacetic creatures.  She finds a spot that maximized body contact.  J knows that she sees herself as my BABY.

Ruby making herself as tiny as possible and sitting right next to me.  I had to hold my laptop above her to get this photo, but you get the idea.

My other cuddle monsters.  Oops, aim was off, got too much floor.
That's a better picture.  Lily had her front leg around Tashi at one point.  Tashi surprises me.  Now she gives Lily kisses.  There have been some changes in her demeanor since she lost her companion.
I think I am going to take a cue from my pets and take the rest of the day easy.  I hate feeling like I have no weekend when I get back to work on a Monday morning.  And I have obligations on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday evening this week.  Sigh.  Plus, it is getting hard to type.  I went to lay down and animals shifted around me...

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