Monday, July 16, 2012

Up In The Air

Time is such a funny thing.  It likes to play tricks on me.  I will have days that drag by that make up weeks that fly by... I'll have one random day that goes far too fast.  Months can either take forever or pass in the blink of an eye.  I cannot seem to catch up but sometimes I think I don't really want to.  I'm at a really weird stage of my life right now where the answer to every question that I seem to be asked (or ask myself) is "I don't know."  I had discussed this feeling with my friend Airbud on the phone a few months ago.  We called it the Up in the Air Effect.  We don't know anything and we don't know when we will know so it's just "I don't know."  If you know me and Airbud at all, you know that this does not sit well with gals like us.  But right now, there is nothing either of us can do to really change that.  Time and life feel like a big shoulder shrug lately.  If I had plans, I'd be more than happy to share, but "meh- I got nothing." 

While I wait to get a better idea of where life will take me (or where I force myself to go) I have to do something for fun once in awhile.  This weekend I had Friday off of work.  It is always nice to have a day off of work with no plans, but I ended up feeling icky.  I get headaches and migraines a lot, and Friday was a day where I was fighting the migraine.  J and I wanted to try an All-Natural cafe in Sunrise, but the drive up there was brutal (about 40 minutes away - but there was traffic).  I thought I was going to be sick.  I made him stop at a store so I could get Saltines and Sprite.  We drove all the way up there and ended up feeling so-so about the food.  I tried fes-un-jun and I learned that I do not like fes-un-jun.  It's a pomegranate walnut sauce served with basmati rice and I got tofu as well.  I like pomegranates and I like walnuts, but they should probably not be blended together.  It was a really strong dish.  I ate the rice.

On Saturday I worked on reading Shadow of  Night by Deborah Harkness (I finished on Sunday night).  It is her sequel to A Discovery of Witches.  I read both books as soon as they came out and there was such a delay between the two that I forgot a lot of the details from the first book.  It was okay at the beginning and it started to get better towards the end.  It had aspects of history that I really liked and I found myself having to look up a lot of vocabulary (a challenge I appreciate), but I'm not as excited for the third book (who knows when that will come out?).  I just try to take mental notes about what I like and what I don't like about books.  Maybe I'll apply them to something of my own in the future?  Who knows.  Big shoulder shrug here too.

On Saturday night, J and I went to the Wynwood Art Walk.  I love going there.  To me it feels like home.  When I have the fewest tattoos out of a huge gathering of people I get a comfy feeling and I start itching to make a collage or doodle.  We stopped in to a lot of the same galleries that were there before.  It is a little more organized now compared to the last time we went.  We had to drop by Ms. Cheezious!  It was just filmed for a Cooking Channel show that I watched called Eat Street.  I asked the owner when he thought it would air and he said sometime around January.  (I went way after filming because I don't really like chaos, but I still wanted to go to support my favorite small company in Miami!)  I picked up a really cool upcycled bag from an artist named Migdalia  I appreciate the use of previously worn materials that might have been thrown away or left in a thrift bin purgatory.  She is an amazing illustrator and I was immediately drawn to her work.  I got a bag for $30 which was an insanely good price.  I cannot work a sewing machine that well (I try!) and her craftsmanship is as good as the art.  I was especially happy with her price because I had just bought two handmade collars for Ruby online and it cost me $40 and they were a month late and completely unprofessional.  Migdalia and Ms. Cheezious have restored my faith in small businesses after my debacle from last week with two others.

On Sunday night J and I hit up the new location of Shake Shack.  It's a restaurant that started in NYC and opened a location on South Beach.  It's the only place where we can get frozen custard down here and sometimes it is hit or miss, but it is always worth a shot.  They have more artisinal flavors like Sweet Corn (it was lightly disgusting) and regulars like Boston Cream Pie (much better).  I miss my Red Raspberry from Kopp's though.

So, it was a food filled weekend that occupied my time and took my mind off of the Up in the Air Effect.  My lunch break is over, so I should sign off, but here is an update of Lily (her pretty eyes are open!) for you until I write again.

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